Nadine Teffaha

Our body is very intelligent. It is constantly capable of maintaining balance and harmony in all its systems and on all levels of its expression. However, there are times in our lives when certain challenges create stress, which can affect the fine balance that exists within us.

Homeopathy is a form of traditional holistic medicine that aims at restoring health, using substances from nature in ultra-high dilutions. Homeopathy is based on the revolutionary yet age-old principle of healing – ‘Like Cures Like’. A substance from nature such as a plant, mineral or other when taken in large doses will create a range of symptoms in a healthy individual. This substance can then be used to address similar symptoms manifesting in a sick individual. For example, coffee when drunk in copious amounts will produce agitation, restlessness and insomnia. Homeopathic coffee is provided to relieve states of agitation, restlessness and insomnia.

Homeopathy is a traditional form of health care that gently assists us with restoring our health and sense of wellbeing.

Herbal Medicine is one of the oldest and universal traditional medicine. Herbs adorn our kitchen pantry, spice rack and backyard. Our common herbs such as oregano, parsley, basil, thyme & tarragon as well as spices such as cardamom, cinnamon, cumin, coriander & cayenne are all of plants that have a profound therapeutic effect on our health. The medical herbalist procures these gifts from nature and many more from the amazing plant kingdom to help with healing, rejuvenating and maintaining a healthy body and mind.

Cupping is the modern term for an ancient healing practice (~ 3,500 years old). It is a method by which various acupuncture points are stimulated by applying suction, through a glass jar for example, in which a partial vacuum has been created. The cups produce a series of blood infused raised sections on the flesh. The drawing effect of cupping is both relieving and comforting. Cupping encourages blood and lymph flow allowing the body to be energized, strengthened and detoxified. Cupping has been used successfully to alleviate the symptoms of ailments such as the common cold, mild musculoskeletal and abdominal pains.

The cupping session involves a light massage followed by the placement of the cups on the affected area for 15-20 minutes. While the cups are working, the body is further assisted by a relaxing massage.

Homeopathic & Herbal traditional medicine may assist with relieving symptoms of an array of health conditions that affect children, adolescents, women, men and the elderly:


Children achieve formidable milestones within the first few years of their life. On occasions, difficult times are encountered. Homeopathy and herbal traditional medicine assist in relieving various health problems that children may suffer from.


Adolescence is an immense transitional experience that is rewarding yet can be taxing. Homeopathy and herbal traditional medicine support the sense of wellbeing of the teenager’s body and mind during this transition.


As a man grows, numerous achievements are gained and challenges are overcome. But when pressure builds up and stressors are present, man’s health both emotionally and physically is impacted. This leads to various health problems. Men are encouraged to seek assistance in the early stages of any health issue as this will help to resolve the problem before it becomes overwhelming. Homeopathy and herbal traditional medicine are a great support for men’s health at any stage of their life.


Women go through many major phases in their life such as menses, pregnancy, labour, breastfeeding and menopause. In addition, they work at creating a balance between family, relationships and career. These phases and roles bring joy and a sense of pride; but at times they can also be quite demanding of the woman physically, mentally and emotionally. Homeopathy and herbal traditional medicine offer support and assist in alleviating the symptoms of many of the health problems encountered at these times.


The golden age is a wonderful time to relish in a lifetime of hard work and good effort. However, it often comes with a natural decline on the physical and cognitive levels. Homeopathy and herbal traditional medicine assist at this prime time with various health issues.


What to expect during a homeopathic / Herbal consultation

The aim of the homeopathic / medical herbalist is to understand your health concerns and what impact these have on your total wellbeing. Our state of health is a reflection of our heredity (that is genes), personality and disposition, lifestyle and effects of life events that we experience. All these aspects are explored as well as the current symptoms and their pattern of expression both physically and emotionally. The initial consultation will last around one hour. After this consultation, you will receive your homeopathic / herbal medicine. The next visit will follow after three weeks and the aim of the follow up visit is to evaluate your response to the homeopathic / herbal medicine and adjust the prescription accordingly. The purpose of the homeopathic / herbal treatment is to bring you back to a comfortable state of being where your symptoms are down, your energy is up and you are feeling well within yourself.


Fee Schedule:

Homeopathic/Herbal Consultation (1 hr) ……$80*

Cupping (1 hr) (For Ladies)………………$75Fee includes *Homeopathic remedy, Herbs when required are provided at cost. Concession for family with more than one child…..$65

Health Rebates are available for the consultations depending on your health cover.


Nadine Teffaha – Your Local Homeopath & Medical Herbalist.

I am a Homeopath, a graduate of The Victorian College of Classical Homeopahy. I have always been fascinated and captured by the gentleness and simplicity of the homeopathic health care yet its effectiveness.

I am also a Medical herbalist, a graduate of the Southern Cross Herbal School. Plants have been used as medicines since prehistoric times. Our contemporary pharmacy of medical drugs contains many drugs whose active ingredients are sourced from plants. Most plants are nature’s gifts for us to support our health and general well being.

I have enhanced my health care provision skills with attaining the Bachelor in Health Science (Complementary Medicine) from Charles Sturt University. Health is a state of wellbeing. In order to achieve it, we need to seek therapy for what is ailing us as well as learning innovative ways of perceiving ourselves, our environment and implementing health promoting changes in our lifestyle such as our nutrition and activity.   

I have also trained at Health Traditions in the Eastern and Western Traditions of Cupping, Moxibustion and Gua Sha. These long established tactile therapies have proven to be a great adjunct to any other treatment in hastening the recovery to health.

“Using the wonderful ways of healing that I have been privileged to learn and practice, it brings me great joy to be of service to my patients in helping them re-gain and maintain health and well being at an optimum level”.



Bhsc (Comp Med), AD. Dip. Hom., Dip. Bot. MedAHA Professional Member

Mobile: 0412 085 597


Mail: P.O. Box 516

Brentford Square Vic 3131


Note: If you are not satisfied with our service, please contact us. We take complaints seriously and aim to resolve them quickly and fairly. If you remain dissatisfied with our response, you may contact the Health Complaints Commissioner (HCC). The HCC responds to complaints about health services and the handling of health information in Victoria. Their service is free, confidential and impartial. To lodge a complaint with the HCC: Fill out a complaint form online at or Phone 1300 582 113 between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday to discuss your complaint.





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