Tony Jackson

Qualifications and Experience

B Theology, B Arts (Psychology)
Grad Diploma in Counselling and Human Services
Advanced Diploma in Gestalt Therapy

I come to the Hartington Centre with a strong commitment to counselling (psychotherapy) with individuals and couples and have been working as a relationship counsellor the past seven years.

Influences and Approaches to Counselling

I am an active counsellor, bringing warmth, humor, energy, and passion to my work. I like to create an environment of support, but can also be challenging. Our work together will enhance a sense of choice in your life creating more flexibility and success in getting what you need.

In 2005 I completed a four-year training program at Gestalt Therapy Australia. This has strongly influenced my counselling. Gestalt therapy is focused on the here and now of experience. The goal is development of awareness; in particular focusing on ways of relating in the world and getting what is needed in our relationships (and from the environment) and looking at the ways that we interrupt ourselves and do not get our needs met.

I have also studied and practiced Solution Focused and Narrative approaches to therapy. These ways of working are often oriented towards the future and call on existing strengths and skills to help you resolve problems.

Interests and Areas of Work

As an individual and couple’s counsellor and psychotherapist I have experience, skill and passion to work with people wanting to address:

  • Personal awareness, development and growth

  • Relationship enhancement

  • Life choices and big decisions

  • Dealing with interpersonal problems

  • Communication skills

  • Family difficulties and intergenerational issues

  • Distress after separation

  • Grief

  • Conflict resolution

  • Workplace difficulties

Healthy people are self-regulating individuals, able to respond flexibly to changing circumstances and support themselves in many respects while accepting mutual interdependence with other people and the environment. They can strike a balance between looking after their needs and caring for the needs of other people and their community, recognizing their independence with the environment and caring for it as well. They take responsibility for the choices that they make in life and especially for the meaning they give their life and they experience their ability to actualize themselves within the limits of their life circumstances

Jenny Mackewn, Developing a Gestalt Counselling (1997)

“Alone? Angel, take it from me, you are alone. Most people are alone. To not be alone somebody has to really connect with you and you have to connect with them. I mean really connect. I mean that somebody has to make the emotional and intellectual effort to come with you as you ride the relentless waves of fear and hope, of pain and pleasure, of doubt and certainty that inhabit the sea of human experience.”

Elliot Perlman, Seven Types Of Ambiguity (2003)



Individuals and Couples $100 per one hour.

Clinical Supervison $110 per one hour

Corporate $130 per one hour


Bookings and enquiries:

Phone: (03) 9482 1888

Hartington Centre

24 Hartington Street Northcote

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