Sue Mackey

Counsellor & Psychotherapist

I have been in private practice as a counsellor and psychotherapist since 2003. I have a background in social work, and am a Mental Health accredited member of the AASW.

Following many years of work as a social worker both in the public and private sectors, I have pursued more intensive education and experience in counselling and psychotherapy, and accreditation as a Mental Health Social Worker. I have undertaken post graduate study in Counselling, Narrative and Gestalt therapies. Underpinning all my work is a commitment to ongoing personal and professional development.

My journeys with people in the community, public and private sectors during times of personal crisis, life cycle transition, and self-exploration have deepened my insight into the human spirit of courage and strength.

I have a particular interest in and work with

  • anxiety and depression
  • past trauma and abuse
  • life transitions
  • relationship and ‘carer’ issues
  • women’s health
  • grief and loss
  • deepening personal awareness
  • strengthening identity through personal growth

How do I work?

I have an utmost respect and regard for anyone who decides to embark on the journey of counselling and psychotherapy, however short or long. It is a time where we have the potential to get in touch with a creative process of self exploration and learning that gives us the space to really be heard and to hear ourselves. For many of us this can be a unique experience. This held space needs to be safe and allow for creativity and responsiveness. It is a confidential place to be supportively listened to without judgment. To have an involved witness to the telling of our story can create a space for powerful reflection. Alternative ways of walking the same or different paths are found and practiced.

Only we as individuals know our distinctive thoughts, feelings, beliefs, histories and relationships. It is in the expressing and sharing of these in the here and now and in relationship with another that allows us to get in touch with parts of us that may have lost a voice, sense of direction and clarity.

I work in a present-centred, interactive way, where dialogue, reflection and awareness of patterns and processes are encouraged. I believe counselling is useful to steady us when there is a sense of imbalance within ourselves, our relationships and our physical, social and spiritual environment. I believe change happens when we allow ourselves to stay with an experience to deepen our understanding of it. It is in this process that transformation occurs in problematic areas of our lives.

“One must immerse oneself into the river of life and let the question drift away.” Irvin Yalom (2001)

To Contact Sue

Please call Hartington Reception: (03) 9482 1888 or Email:

Counsellor & Psychotherapist


*Available upon request

Medicare rebate applies with a GP referral.

TAC Provider


Bachelor of Social Work
Graduate Diploma in Counselling
Advanced Diploma in Gestalt Therapy
Member Australian Association of Social Workers (Acc.) Mental Health Social Worker
Member GANZ

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