Allison Ross


Holistic Counselling and Psychotherapy

Specialising in reducing the symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression, through empowering you in your life and relationships.



“My role is to facilitate and support you as you learn that it is safe to go within. Going inside and attending to your feelings and needs is the ultimate in self-care. This is the route to accessing your inner resources, creating self awareness and ultimately healing.” Allison



Do you struggle with a feeling that you are not good enough?

Are you hard on yourself?

Do you find it hard to relax and go with the flow of life?

Do you suffer with anxiety or a feeling of not being able to keep up?

Do you feel stuck in depression or a consistent feeling of being weighed down and not being able to make a difference to your life?

Are you filled with a sense of regret or lost opportunity?

Do you ask yourself if there is more to life than what you are experiencing?

Do you struggle to express your feelings and needs to others?

Is it difficult to ask for what you want?


These are some of the many reasons why people come to counselling.

Each counselling session is an opportunity to give to yourself. It’s like filling your cup and when it flows over the top it goes out into your life and your relationships.

Change that lasts becomes the natural flow on effect of questing to know yourself and learning how best to live true to your own heart. There is no need for you to apply force or discipline. Rather kindness, compassion and patience.

In counselling you are coming into relationship with yourself. You are journeying with Allison as your companion and witness, into your feeling world.

You are learning to feel. You are learning to release difficult emotions, safely, compassionately and without being overwhelmed by them in the process.

You are learning that your true sense of strength and personal power comes from relating closely to this inner world.

You discover you have all the resources, wisdom and guidance you need within. As you connect deeply within so to do you form deeper and more enriching connections to others and all of life.

Gratitude for the precious gift of your life then comes. You begin to feel yourself as whole, completely worthy of good and you begin to flourish.

Here is the opportunity to make all this possible for you.

Allison offers a calm and supportive environment where you are invited to freely explore and playfully create a loving connection to your true Self.

Releasing and resolving difficult emotions such as shame, anger, grief and sadness allow more enjoyable and lighter emotions to flow.

Some of the emotions and qualities that you can discover and experience through counselling with Allison:

Calmness, Ease, Authenticity, Relaxation, Self-compassion, Gentleness, Connection, Resilience, Playfulness, Peace, Self-love, Self-care, Self-nurture, Self-acceptance, Self-forgiveness, Protection, Safety, Gratitude, Healing, Clarity, Joy!

There is room for all of this and more in the counselling space!



Mindfulness and yet more…

Therapeutic process or mindfulness is an experiential approach that puts you in touch with your deeper wisdom and helps you to embody change. It allows your mind to rest whilst you make connection to what is present and alive in you now. It develops an awareness and relationship to other helpful aspects within you.

When you require a fresh outlook on life or the resolution of problems that you are facing, the best place to look is inside, into your feeling world and the sensations in your body. With Allison as your companion you are guided to access this feeling world through a process known as Focusing. You soon learn that it is safe to go within.

“Your soul talks through your body, which gives you a here-and-now experience of truth. If you want to know your truth on any subject, look to your feelings. Checking in with your body is the fastest way of doing this.” Neale Donald Walsch

Allison also works with Flower Essences, which are a form of energy medicine used to help balance your emotions, thoughts and feelings. Made from the energetic imprint of flowers, remedies taste like diluted brandy and are taken as drops under the tongue.

Also available within your session: Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a ‘hands on’ technique that embraces the ancient wisdom of the meridian system. It involves tapping on specific body points in a sequence, whilst repeating a phrase that helps release unhelpful emotions and allows regenerative energy and good feelings to flow.



60 minute session          95 – 120IMGP2063



Allison Ross – 0410 726 518

Hartington Centre –  9482 1888

24 Hartington Street, Northcote



Bachelor of Education

Advanced Diploma of Transpersonal Counselling

Certificate of Wholistic Counselling

Certificate of Wholistic Flower Essence Therapy

Certificate of Energy Healing: Emotional Freedom Technique


Membership: Australian Association for Holistic and Transpersonal Counsellors

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