Janelle Wilson




  • Individual and couple counselling

  • Professional Supervision

  • Mindfulness

  • Mandala Art Therapy Workshops

  • Theta Healing

About Me

I am a Social Worker with twenty years experience working with individuals, couples and families.  I have specialised training in couple therapy and emotion focused therapy and mandala art therapy.  I use a combination of Systems Theory (how various situational factors in one’s life impact them and their relationships), psychodynamic and relational approaches and solution focused therapy.

I am a gentle, compassionate and wise practitioner who fosters hope and optimism in my work with clients.   I am particularly interested in the emotions and beliefs we hold that get us stuck in unhelpful patterns of relating.  I believe that by becoming aware of these unhelpful patterns and gently witnessing our experience, we can begin to choose to feel and relate differently with ourselves and in our relationships.

I am driven by the adage ‘Heal Thyself’.  I believe that our bodies, minds and souls carry an infinite and innate wisdom guiding us toward wholeness.  Therefore, I use various strategies to assist people to discover the tools and strengths they already have within them.  This self discovery enables the person to be responsible for their own growth and healing and leads to deep, sustained change.   This change is created by a person’s own acceptance of self including their unique gifts and vulnerabilities that make them truly real and whole.  The strategies I use in conjunction with counselling are mindfulness and body awareness, mandala art therapy, and theta healing.  These techniques assist in the energetic release of old emotional and belief patterns, often held in the body subconsciously

Sessions and Fees

I am available on  Wednesdays 1pm-8pm and every second Saturday.  Sessions are $130 per hour for individuals and $140 for couples.

I am an Accredited Mental Heath Social Worker and Member of the AASW.  Hence rebates are applicable with a GP referral.

Contact me directly for appointments on 0408030770 or email janellewilson0@gmail.com

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