Catherine Dwyer

Clinical Psychologist

Catherine is a Clinical Psychologist with over twenty years of experience.  She is a respected Senior Psychologist within the public mental health system. She has worked as a private practitioner for the last six years.

Catherine is skilled in treating mood disorders, ranging from the mild to the severe including anxiety, panic attacks and depression, as well as assisting clients to manage other difficult emotions such as grief and anger, and with issues such as life adjustment, stress management, managing relationships and trauma.

Catherine has provided training in various mental health issues to the Department of Health, Tasmania, the Department of Corrections, Victoria, North Western Mental Health and RMIT University.  She is a trained Critical Incident Trauma de-briefer and has provided services to forensic mental health staff in this capacity.

Catherine is eligible to provide services under Medicare.  Her sessions attract the Clinical Psychology rebate (see below).

Approaches to Therapy

Catherine is a trained and experienced Cognitive Behavioural Therapist, and utilises Motivational Interviewing to help clients overcome blockages to change. More recently she has included EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing) as part of her practice.

CBT is a goal oriented and solution focused method that addresses unhelpful or dysfunctional thoughts, emotions, and behaviours to bring about change. CBT is well researched and effective in the treatment of a range of issues, including depression, and anxiety.

Motivational Interviewing is a client-centred counselling approach for bringing about behaviour change by helping clients to explore and resolve their ambivalence about a particular issue. The application of Motivational Interviewing techniques has been useful in the areas of mental health and addiction. EMDR is an evidence based therapy designed to alleviate the impact of traumatic experiences on an individual’s functioning.

Areas of Special Interest

Catherine has a particular interest in using the principles of neuro-plasticity (changing the brain by changing thoughts and behaviours) to support real and lasting emotional change.
(See:  The Brain That Changes Itself, (2007). Norman Doidge M.D., Viking Penguin, New York.)  Additionally, she is both skilled and enjoys working with clients who feel ‘stuck’, unable or unsure about their own ability to carry out the changes needed to improve the way they feel.

Other Professional Commitments

Catherine is the co-director of Psych 180, a psychology service providing psychological services to clients across the north of Melbourne.

To Contact Catherine

Please call Hartington Reception: (03) 9482 1888 or Email:



Referrals are accepted from self-referring adults, and from other health professionals such as GP’s, psychiatrists, social workers and other psychologists.
Medicare rebates are available to clients referred by their GP.

Medicare Rebates
The Clinical Psychology rebate is currently $129.55

Rebates may be able to be paid directly back into your account on the same day as payment.  Please see Medicare for more information.

50 minute session $240.00.

Fees are payable in full at the end of each session and can be paid via EFTPOS or credit card.  Alternatively a receipt will be issued allowing you to collect your rebate from Medicare.


Master of Psychology (Clinical)
Certificate in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
Certificate in Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy
Certificate IV Training and Assessment
Member of the Australian Psychological Society

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