Gil Clendinnen

ADHD, anxiety depression, addiction and trauma

I am a psychologist with a particular interest in treating clients with ADHD, anxiety depression, addiction and trauma. Clients that see me can see me are eligible for a Medicare rebate if they have a GP referral, and sessions can be fully covered for clients with a Workcover claim.

In my work I am practical, client centred, and evidence based. My goal is to help clients develop a better understanding of the changes they would like to make in their life, and a plan for how to make them. 

Before training as a psychologist. I worked in high pressure roles in the finance world. This has given me insight into the dynamics of office politics and the effects that stress can have on people. I enjoy working with people who are trying to build a healthier relationship with their work or are dealing with difficult work situations.

My interest in ADHD comes from my own difficulties with managing my attention and staying organised. In my work with people with ADHD, I help them gain a clearer understanding of their strengths and weaknesses, and help them implement evidence-based strategies and techniques to manage their lives more effectively. I have previously developed a group therapy program for adults with ADHD.

 A good working relationship between client and psychologist is one of the most important elements of effective therapy. I am happy to organise a free 15-minute consultation call if you would like to get to know me and gain a better understanding of my therapeutic style.

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