Liz Brnjak

Psychotherapist & Systems – Psychodynamic Organisational Consultant

Liz Brnjak is a thoughtful and dynamic Mental Health and Organisational Consultant. Her clinical experience is within the space of mental health and trauma.  Liz uses a psychodynamic approach combined with Mindfulness and Trauma Informed strategies to work through challenging personal difficulties.  Liz’s background is in Social Work, Psychology, Family Therapy and Organisational Management. She has 20 years’ experience working with children, young people, adults and their families on assisting them to achieve their goals in life and find solutions to tricky life dilemmas.

Liz has previously held clinical, leadership and management positions at The Australian Childhood Trauma Group, Centre for Leadership and Management (CLM), The Royal Children’s Hospital and currently at Orygen Youth Health.

Some of the reasons people may choose to book an appointment include:

  • trying to make decisions in your life (having a baby, whether to end a relationship or start one, career choices and where you might be headed in your life)
  • grief and loss (perhaps an end of a relationship, death of someone close, illness)
  • anxiety and depression
  • eating disorders
  • child behavioural problems
  • substance use and dependence that has affected your life
  • managing stress and change

Individual, child/adolescent, parent and family psychotherapy

Liz offers individual, parent and/or family sessions (psychotherapy) for matters that are important to you. Sometimes we are faced with tricky dilemmas that affect our lives. Seeking additional support can be helpful in exploring barriers and finding solutions that work for you.

Liz also offers specialist mental health assessment and therapy for children and young people who may be battling with difficulties such as anxiety, depression and substance use. Liz work with parents to support their children and provide practical strategies and tools that work.

She also offers family therapy where difficulties such as family conflict, shared parenting and communication might be an issue.

Professional supervision and coaching

Liz provides professional supervision and coaching to mental health professionals.

To Contact Liz

Please call Hartington Reception: (03) 9482 1888 or Email:

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The fee for counselling/psychotherapy with Liz is $170 for a single person or 1 employed parent and $180 if there are two working parents. For Workcover and NDIS clients the consult fee is $190. You may be entitled to a rebate through Medicare by obtaining a referral from your GP. The fee for professional supervision and coaching and organisational consulting is $150 per hour. You may be able to claim this cost as a tax deduction. Please discuss fees with Liz if you have any concerns or questions.


B.A, BSW, Grad Dip (Psych), MAppSci, PhD Candidate

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